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YOU'RE A MIRACLE!: My Story of Alcoholism, Miraculous Healing, and God's Infinite Power and Love

On December 30, 2020, Joe McGivney literally lost his mind. He collapsed on his living room floor and did not have another coherent thought for nine weeks.

He was trapped in an alcohol-induced Korsakoff Psychosis haunted by hallucinations, put in restraints, unable to recognize his closest loved ones. Transferred from institution to institution, he was even “Baker-Acted,” that is, committed to a locked psychiatric ward, and his family was told he would need 24/7 care the rest of his life.

Then one morning he woke up completely well. He had to wander through the halls of the institution to find an employee and ask him, “Where am I? And why am I here?” Doctors had no explanation for his sudden healing, nor did Joe. Until one day, released from treatment and working through the Twelve Steps toward sobriety, he discovered the secret of his healing in a most surprising, and inspiring, place.

You’re a Miracle! My Story of Alcoholism, Miraculous Healing, and God’s Infinite Power and Love is a thrilling story that follows Joe from the depths of derangement to the heights of true and lasting joy, a joy that is open to all.

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